Random Post: The Card Game Vortex

Seriously… I’ve been pretty much roped into card games. It’s nothing new, but this is different in the sense that I’m getting in to A LOT of them at the same time. I’ve played Magic, but basically had no one to play against that didn’t require commuting. I also got into YuGiOh but stopped right after Season 1 ended. Just lost interest, and having no transportation was another downside. I still think that with the right games and the right amount of investment, you’re really not gonna go broke from constantly having to buy new cards.

  • Weiss Schwarz – This is my main game. This is where I feel the most comfortable, and where I feel like I can compete with anyone at anytime without fear of being overwhelmed. There are definitely 5 series I want to get into, but it’s a question of how many decks I’ll make. Love Live, Da Capo, Nisekoi, Rewrite, and Kantai Collection. I may get into Nanoha and Little Busters, as well. The good news is that after I finish my decks, they’re basically usable at any time, unless they actually ban cards. The bad news is the initial investment.
  • Cardfight! Vanguard – The power creep is completely obvious. Nouvelle, and then Legion. Yikes. This is the game where I’m limiting myself to decks rather than sets. Bermuda Duos with 4x Iori, 3x Meer, and 3x Reit. 10 Grade 3 is pretty steep but it’s alright. I might actually run 12crit instead of 8crit 4draw because 10k guards. The other one is either AF Tetra Drive or Genesis.
  • Kaijudo – Weirdly enough, I had bought into this juuuust a little bit. I don’t plan on buying into this from now on. JP Duel Masters has no playerbase in our area, so no point. I just run one deck right now, Green/Blue Tempo.
  • Z/X – I LOVE THIS GAME. The luck factor from both life cards and ignition is definitely prominent, but because of how the field is, there’s a lot of strategy involved. I’m definitely running Blue/Red Aggro (though having to buy 3 Sword Sniper, Rigel that costs $20 each is pricey). The Black/Green Control deck I proxied is… hard to play. I’m just not used to it, but I like having to get rid of threats without battle. My friend told me to run more removal-to-trash (Moonlight Funeral Fang), but sometimes, sending a card without cost restrictions to resource zone means that card is gone for the entire game.
  • WIXOSS – This game is pretty fun, as well. I’m not too sure how many people here actually play it, but I know of a bunch of people online whom I can “netplay” with.
  • LevelNEO – The game looks interesting, and I’m definitely going to buy into it once No Game No Life is released.
  • Universal Fighting System – Once the KOF reprints come out in October, I’ll start building my Athena and Kula decks. I could also play this on OCTGN right now… but I don’t have a single game in my name yet.
  • Magic the Gathering – The TCG of utmost reluctance. On one side, I could play Legacy and not worry about a lot of rotations. On the other, I could play Modern and play in events. I was actually netdecking for a budget modern deck (I’M SORRY I’M NOT A MtG PLAYER) but I haven’t decided what to play. EDH is just… no. I feel like EDH games take FOREVER to finish. If I wanted to have a lengthy, but enjoyable game, I’d play Weiss or Z/X.

A Justified Tier List: Love Live V2!

With the second season of Love Live basically at its end, I figured I’d update this post with everything that has happened. I won’t even pretend to hype the top 3… so here you go. As a disclaimer, just because someone isn’t in the Top 3 doesn’t mean I don’t like them. This was a really tough tier list to go through because I love the entirety of Muse.

  1. Maki
  2. Nico
  3. Honoka
  4. Umi
  5. Eri
  6. Kotori
  7. Hanayo
  8. Rin
  9. Nozomi

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