Quick Update: New XRM DiD on the Egosoft Forums

While I’ll still be doing Unshackled on the blog itself, I’ve posted a second DiD on the Egosoft Forums titled “StrikerS.” From that alone, you should be able to tell the initial references for characters and such.


Anywho, that one is actually a modified DiD, that instead of a single death ending the series, it’ll be three. It’s just leeway to pad how trash I am at X3.

2 weeks before X-Rebirth, yo. I’ll be making write ups for that as well.


[X3AP XRM] Unshackled from the Collective – PART 2 – I am… free?

Lost in space...

Follow the programming. Terraform the organics. Follow the programming. Destroy all organics. Crude, rudimentary, effective. These were the only “thoughts” the Xenon follow. One mind, one body of multiple components. What makes the Xenon different from the Kha’ak is that they do not die for their masters and decide to do what is necessary to do so. No, far from it. They merely do what is ordered by their architecture, their programming, their master brain. Xenon become much more effective because of this. There are no orders, only calculations billions of times a second. They just do it.

But this unit is different. This unit no longer has a connection to the collective. This unit can no longer “hear” the thoughts of the legion. This unit, has been cut off. Independent. Maybe even… free. This unit does not know when it happened, but it knows the slow progression of the disconnect, steadily growing more quiet until all it can hear is its own calculations churning, for the sake of its own survival. Not for Xenon. Only its own. Suddenly, this unit, has become “I.”

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Unshackled From the Collective: An X3AP XRM Xenon Rogue Story – PART 1 – INTRO

Xenon. A single, collective mind, the epitome of the phrase “one mind, one body.” Whilst they may comprise of a myriad of ships and stations, there is only one thought throughout the system. There is only a single mindset. There is only a single objective. Their programming dictates they must “terraform” all organic life. No if’s, and no but’s.

But what happens when a unit is disconnected? What happens when all it can hear is the silence of its own calculations? What if… a single Xenon is given a chance at sentience… at free will? Will it attempt to return to whence it came, to that system of destruction? Or will it somehow learn of these organics’ struggles, and going against the will of your former overlord, protect these people and their resilience, bravery, comraderie, and above all, hope?


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