The Vanguard Vortex: Sakuya’s 4Nemuel.dek


Well, it’s not MY 4Nemuel.dek. It’s almost every single 4Nemuel.dek out there, maybe with one maindeck card change. I’ll be covering the maindeck lineup, with some thoughts on the Stride deck.

Grade 0
4x Duo Lovers Singer, Darling
4x Duo Grampus Turn, Shannon (Crit)
4x Duo Love Joker, Chulym (Crit)
4x Duo Pride Crown, Madeira (Crit)
4x Duo Tropical Healer, Medjerda (Heal)

Grade 1
4x Duo Petite Etoile, Peace
4x Duo Gorgeous Lady, Kazuha
4x PR♥ISM-Duo, Aria (Sentinel)
2x Duo Clear Parasol, Kura

Grade 2
4x Duo Beloved Child of the Sea Palace, Minamo
4x Duo Mini Heart, Rhone
4x Duo Lovely Devil, Vepar

Grade 3
4x Duo Lovely Angel, Nemuel

Grade 4
2x School Etoile, Olivia
1x Legendary PR♥ISM-Duo, Nectaria
2x Rain Elemental, Madew
3x Legend of the Glass Shoes, Amoris


Darling is what enables your mass bounce effects. She returns all the copies of Peace or Vepar back to your hand and will allow you to properly hit the counter-charge requirement.

G-CB01-023EN-B-RR G-CB01-023EN-W-RR

Chulym’s function is two-fold, and she mainly shines in the Grade 2 Lock game. First, she allows for Rhone to apply even more pressure, since if you have two counterblast open and no less than 2 Rhones on field, you are near-guaranteed to hit one of them, meaning you filter your important normal units out of your deck. The second function is that she is recycled into the deck, so even without Legion, you are keeping the threat of crits sitting in the deck.


The trigger lineup is actually 12 Crit 4 Heal. You can do 8 Crit 4 Draw 4 Heal, which I have used in the past, but there are two lines of thought for that. The first is that draw triggers help you hit your combo Peaces (pun intended), and the second is that you already have enough draw power so crit triggers are better. The choice is up to you, but I have been adjusting a lot of my decks to be resilient against Grade 2 Lock, so that means no draws.


There she is, the cornerstone of Duos. Peace is the bae to find if you want two-thirds of your deck to suddenly be in your hand within one turn. Early game, you can gamble trying to top-deck her to enable the counter-charge. Late-game, she’s the most likely target for Amoris and Minamo.


When a Duo card turns every single one of your cards into Rhone copies, you know it’s good. Putting her behind the vanguard makes for some ridiculous shenanigans of filtering your deck. Expensive, but we have the next card to fix that.


In some instances, you’re going to run out of counterblast. Remember all those Darlings you put into soul? Yep, Kura is the insurance policy that can easily rectify the issue.


Sorry, folks. You’re gonna have to use the $25 Perfect Guards here. The deck requires Duo vanguards, counterblasts, and bounce targets at many points of the game.


At some point during my time playing Vanguard, I had thought Rhone to be a dead card in the late-game. Not exactly. The constant threat of filtering on-hit is still relevant, but just don’t expect her to ever hit. That’s what a pressure unit is for. Still, she’s the optimal G2 ride unless you have Kazuha as a VG booster, and even then that’s additional clones.


Before Minamo, we had the great Syr Darya – Lu Lu column, magically hitting those 21k and 23k breakpoints. Nowadays, we have Minamo. Dropping a 7k unit right behind her still makes for a 16k column, but the magic happens when you start bouncing units, especially those you have three of. CB1 allows for a +5000 power boost, with a CC1 if you reveal three cards with the same name as the one bounced. Remember the Peace wombo? Yeah, putting 3 Peace, Minamo, and Darling = +15000 power boost for a turn. Oh wait, she also doesn’t require Generation Break? HECK YES. Oh, she also synergizes with Amoris for a +10000 boost on Stride, but requires field setup.


Nemuel’s mate, Vepar, allows for the most ridiculous Legion turn you’ve ever seen. The last time I calculated it, it was a minimum of +7 in a turn. We’ll cover that more later, but that’s nuts.


And there’s the namesake of the deck. There’s a reason people do not want this deck to hit a Legion turn, because Nemuel is a plus no matter how you do it. Do you need more Perfect Guards? Did you find your one Peace and would now like to turn them into 3 Peaces? Better yet, do you have the trinity bonus from Peace, Vepar, and Darling?


Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), only 2 Olyvias are needed. The deck does not utilize Stride that much due to the availability of G3s to pitch. If anything, you’d be on a minus if you pitch a G1 and G2, and it’ll hurt you more since every single card in the deck is crucial. Still, when you’ve managed to filter your deck with triggers, a triple drive on a body that already gains an extra crit would be hilarious (and dangerous).


She was a fantastic Stride along with Amoris when Fighters’ Collection 2015 came out. Then we realized Madew could make for a better Stride in any Legion deck, including Duos with Victoria. With that said, she’s still a pressure Stride, and a good first Stride. She’s not crucial in the deck, and is really in my list in case I do not have the setup with Minamo to use Amoris, or in the lock/stun/retire matchup where you can’t utilize Amoris that well. However, that doesn’t really make her bad. If I didn’t already trade in all but one Nectaria, I’d actually run 2 due to my local meta having Megacolony, Link Joker, and Shadow Paladin players.


In a proper setup, Amoris can make single turns into significant pluses. Bouncing 2 Peaces (with a third in hand) while Minamo is on the field means you get two free cards and a body that swings 19k by itself, usually in a 26k column. That’s fantastic. 2-3 of her could get you places. I chose 2 because of the amount of G3s in the deck.


We knew he was good. We knew that it makes older cards good. We totally forgot about Legions with 9k and 10k mates. When you Stride with him while you’re at Legion, both of your Legion cards are its hearts, so that means you have a heart of 10000 or lower since the mates are usually 9k or 10k. This helps 4Nemuel a lot since it returns your precious G3s back to your hand as long as you are in Legion. A Triple Drive almost every turn with no minus? Sign me up.


When trying to mulligan, make sure as much of the following is present:

  • Nemuel
  • Peace
  • Rhone
  • Vepar
  • G1 Ride

If you have this hand, your opponent will have the longest game of his life. By having the pieces of the combo, all you really need is to make sure you survive until your Legion turn. Also, note that having Vepar anywhere but your hand, drop zone, or deck is no bueno. Another thing to consider is if that you are playing against early retire (Revengers, Eradicators), your Darling WILL be sniped. At this point, pray that you went first and can get Rhone to hit, or you draw into a 2nd Darling. Also, Megacolony stunning Darling means it’s harder for Rhone to hit.

Now, here’s the actual combo steps:

  1. Go into Legion, and call Vepar, Peace, and Darling. You must have at least 2CB open.
  2. Bounce Vepar using Nemuel to search for 2 more Vepars, hence getting CC2.
  3. Resolve Vepar’s skill targeting Darling. You’ll need the second copy.
  4. Call 2-3 Vepars and bounce them all with Darling.
  5. Resolve each Vepar targeting Peace.
  6. Call as many Peaces as you like and your second Darling. Proceed to draw cards and repeat as desired if you hit more Darlings. If you have Minamo, and CB1-CC1 for each copy of Peace AND Vepar bounced. Voila, Minamo is now a 34k beater for the turn if you bounced 3 Peaces and 2 Vepars at maximum. That’s without a 7k booster that’ll push her into 41k. That’s usually Kazuha, a.k.a I just got a free card off this s***.

Try not to overdo the Peace draw. It’s nice to have hand, but saving a few for big Minamo pushes every turn is a better pressure tool while giving you hand. Just know your matchups, really. Clans with pushing power like Aqua Force and Sanctuary Guard may require you to dig a lot for perfect guards and more 10k shields, though AqF has an additional stipulation: Maelstrom. Just know that if you see Maelstrom and not Thavas, you may need to be aware that there’s going to be a guard limit. Glory Maelstrom himself kills perfect guards (can’t guard with G1 or higher), while Despina hits your triggers (can’t call G0), so play appropriately. Other clans like Granblue, Gear Chronicle’s Chronojet Dragon, and Great Nature has G1 locks, and OTT’s Silent Tom and Gear Chronicle’s Ragnaclock Dragon has G0 locks.

If you had to ride Vepar, or she ends up in your damage zone, don’t fret. 2 Vepar and 1 Nemuel will still allow for the Counter-Charge 2, so pray you have an extra Nemuel in your hand if it does happen. The reason Vepar is good to have is that for 2 counter-blast, she gets every single peace of your game for nearly free as she unflips those two CBs after resolution. Just grab your Peaces or Arias with Nemuel if you don’t have full combo. Hell, I’d probably try to get all of my Nemuels if I’m going against Megacolony, and that will still allow you to get CC2.

There’s no heavy Striding in this deck. You’re more likely to save your G3s for Legion loops than anything. However, spamming Madew and THEN Legion looping is a good idea. If I recall, there was a team battle that had the same Duo deck for all three players, and most of them ran at least 3 Madews. Striding in this deck is a judgement call rather than a requirement. If you think you can finish someone off with Olyvia, by all means, pitch that Nemuel and go for the throat.

For fun, I’ve calculated how much plus you get off a maxed out Peace combo in a single turn.

  • +2 Vepar off Nemuel legion skill going into hand
  • +1 Darling going into hand
  • -1 Darling going into soul
  • +3 Peace going into hand
  • -1 Darling going into soul
  • +4 Peace Draw
  • +3 for each Darling used

Total: +14

So where exactly does 4Nemuel.dek stand? I think that it’s in incredibly powerful deck with very few bad matchups. Unfortunately, those bad matchups are the meta matchups. Also, the combo is volatile and is inconsistent. I’d say Tier 1.5.


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