A Justified Tier List: Love Live V2!

With the second season of Love Live basically at its end, I figured I’d update this post with everything that has happened. I won’t even pretend to hype the top 3… so here you go. As a disclaimer, just because someone isn’t in the Top 3 doesn’t mean I don’t like them. This was a really tough tier list to go through because I love the entirety of Muse.

  1. Maki
  2. Nico
  3. Honoka
  4. Umi
  5. Eri
  6. Kotori
  7. Hanayo
  8. Rin
  9. Nozomi



Starting with Nozomi, she didn’t have the same supporting role here as she did back in Season 1. Plus, as stated in the first iteration of this tier list, she just keeps on spoiling a lot of the songs in the group. However, I must say that her duet with Eli for the S2 ending is actually pretty good. Unfortunately that doesn’t change much. Her episode this season is basically a thanks to what she’s done behind the scenes last season.



I think everyone in the series has gotten some sort of character development, and Rin is definitely one of them. Being subject to a sort of ridiculing during her childhood, she’s really put off by wearing anything girly, coming off as a super-genki tomboy. Also, being chosen as sort of the first-year’s leader puts even more inner conflict. ON TOP OF THAT, she had second-thoughts on whether or not she even deserved to be center, ultimately passing the baton to Hanayo until the last minute. That particular episode is pretty great… plus come on, the mountain climbing scene in Episode 2?! BEST!!



Ahh Kayo-chin. Listening to more of her songs (Kudoku na Heaven & Kokuhaku Biyori, Desu!) made me realize the biggest mistake of all: underestimating her real singing voice. Anywho, while she’s already gotten through her character development in Season 1, it doesn’t stop her from being an awesome character, and a funny one at that. Diet Episode, anyone? And here I thought Akagi (read: Queen of Bauxite) had a giant appetite…



Unfortunately, Kotori has been knocked off a bit. I really thought that she only did something for the group during Episode 2, and the rest of the time she was but a very miniscule support for the group. It’s okay, we still love KOTORIkotoriKOTORIkotoriKOTORIkotori!



I feel bad putting Eli lower… but she did take a backseat this season with the graduating and all. At least knowing her fear of the dark is a consolation.



Umi-chaaaaaan! Being the school’s new Vice President basically just upped her strictness levels, and this is good. She has kept Honoka in line, and basically helped her realize a bunch of things, including… well… how fat she’s gotten. Plus she’s been the biggest source of gags this season, I think. Acting as Rin, the mountain climbing, the “sexy dress” scene, and of course all her shenanigans in the diet episode.



Finally Honoka had broken Top 3. She really deserves this spot because while we saw an equal development split between her and Eli in the first season, Honoka basically occupies 75% of the show’s character development budget. Her attitude change since being elected as the newest Student Council President really made her a better character, and it doesn’t change the fact that she is still the HYPEST character ever.



There’s definitely bias in the last two entries, but Nico is still a 2nd placer. She actually did a lot of things this season, including making sure that the group she’s leaving behind isn’t going astray, such as reminding Maki (of all people) that they make songs for their audience, not because the third years are graduating. Her episode is also a really good reminded that Nico has been through some tough times while she was in Otonokizaka, and for damn sure she’s not about to waste the second chance she’s been given.



The ONLY choice for first place. Her role has never changed since Season 1, and she’s got extra points this season for still believing in Santa, and Sunrise shipping the balls out of her and Nico this season. She’s actually acted as the sane person in the group the entire season, running as a support of sorts, but not really one. The most important thing that I didn’t cover last season is that YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO HER ENTIRE SOLO ALBUM. It basically says “I’m the best singer in this group, so fuck y’all niggas.” [bias intensifies]

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