Fallout New Vegas – THE FOLLOWERS!

I don't have images of my new followers... SO HERE'S A PICTURE OF SASAMI-SAMA.

I don’t have images of my new followers… SO HERE’S A PICTURE OF SASAMI-SAMA.

Also, posting New Vegas for the third straight time because I’m cool…

Anyways, after yet another indecisive run, I’ve set up another mod set. I really wish I could get More Monsters but it’s currently flagged for some reason, so no cigar. Why do I want it? Well it’s because I’ll be having not one, not two, but FOUR. Count it. FOUR FOLLOWERS. Thanks to NosCo Companion System and a few mod-dependent companions. Without further ado, here’s the list of the new playthrough’s characters!

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Fallout New Vegas – THE BUILDS!

Meido Squad

Sorry, folks. The Tactical Meido Squad has been disbanded.

I currently have a couple of builds I want to try out. I know they’ll be effective at some capacity, but I’m curious as to how they’ll pan out. I’m planning on three builds right now: A light-armor Sneak character with light weapons (Sneak is still OP but Project Nevada sneak profile is harder), a medium-armor Assault character with shotguns (Assault Shotgun is king), and a heavy-armor Assault character with SMMG or Minigun (I need to find a weeaboo Heavy armor mod).

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Fallout: New Vegas – Androids Take Over the Mojave!

The HM-A series take over New Vegas!

The HM-A series take over New Vegas!

No, not the mobile Android. I’m talking about those robots that simulate humans.

Anyways, I’ve been playing tons of Fallout New Vegas lately, though as much as I would love love love to stream it, it’s incredibly unstable with mods even with New Vegas Stutter Remover and the 4GB Large Address Aware patcher.

Either way, I could just as easily take some screenshots, or even do some “After Action Reports,” but with the amount of playtime I allocate every day, it’ll be hard.

I could at least tell you how I’m playing it. First off, the game itself. I’ve got a myriad of mods installed right now, but the biggest draw of this pack is to make gameplay HARDER, and of course, create a robo-loli. Continue reading