Overpowered vs. Easy-to-Use: Where Do We Draw the Line?

One Man Army, Danger Close, Grenade Launchers. The epitome of overpowered. The Adaptive Combat Rifle, ACR. The epitome of easy-to-use.

I’ve been thinking about the “this is OP” and “this is UP” posts in various places ranging from official forums, fan sites, even as far as Facebook and Twitter. There are very strong points about how a gameplay element is imbalanced but most of them are “this is imba because I can’t use it for jack/everyone thrashes me with it” kind of complaints that are skill-based and subjective, rather than objective. Of course, this basically steamrolled into asking if something is actually overpowered, or just really easy to use? For this post, I’ll be using Call of Duty and League of Legends as examples. Continue reading


The NEET Life: Plans For Half-a-Year!

Yeah, I don’t think a lot of people realize that I’m ALMOST a NEET. ALMOST. Technically, I am currently looking for a job, so that doesn’t make me one. However, the lifestyle I am in right now is basically NEET-ish. The only thing I can keep doing right now is make the most out of my day, possibly NOT sleeping in till 11AM, basically sleeping for almost 12 hours daily. Continue reading

Let’s Overanalyze: Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3. The very words themselves should be as blasphemous as the words “Nii” and “Shruberries.” Still, I find SOME fun in this mindless shooter. I don’t go for big killstreaks by camping it out. No, no, no. I like being on the move. I like being in the thick of things. With that said, I like multi-kills, quad-sprays, and the like.

No matter how mindless this is, I still find something to overanalyze and overdo in this game: LOADOUTS. Out of the 200+ hours I spent on this game, at least 50 of it were me sitting on the Create-A-Class screen messing with things. Having the game at a year old means I can’t really give any tips anymore, but I could at least share my mindset when it comes to making custom classes. Continue reading

Let’s Overanalyze: Valkyria Chronicles 2

So I’ve decided that Valkyria Chronicles 2 will be something I’ll be streaming until the end of the game, and maybe some post-game content, but this post is just something of an explanation of things to come.

You’re probably wondering what the hell there is to explain, and well, there’s really one thing: Time and the amount I use in preparation for missions. Just like a real military operation, these missions require a level of planning and logistical preparation. Of course, this is why the post is titled so, because I like to do that. I like to learn games more in-depth than the average player, yet it all comes down to practicality and applied principles rather than theories and such. Continue reading

Inherent Problems of My Apparent FG Experience



It’s a pain trying to get positive answers from people when you say that “yeah, I’ve played X game for Y time,” because most people expect you to be beyond casual with them and actually know fundamentals, bread n’ butters, etc. I’ve played a ton of fighting games, yet I just never got beyond casual. In fact, I’m lower than casual. I’m the guy who randomly mashed buttons, used fireballs all day, and generally stuck to a single button combo. Continue reading