Unshackled From the Collective: An X3AP XRM Xenon Rogue Story – PART 1 – INTRO

Xenon. A single, collective mind, the epitome of the phrase “one mind, one body.” Whilst they may comprise of a myriad of ships and stations, there is only one thought throughout the system. There is only a single mindset. There is only a single objective. Their programming dictates they must “terraform” all organic life. No if’s, and no but’s.

But what happens when a unit is disconnected? What happens when all it can hear is the silence of its own calculations? What if… a single Xenon is given a chance at sentience… at free will? Will it attempt to return to whence it came, to that system of destruction? Or will it somehow learn of these organics’ struggles, and going against the will of your former overlord, protect these people and their resilience, bravery, comraderie, and above all, hope?



Alright, so first off, the rules. This is NOT a Dead-is-Dead. Fudge that shrimp. I’d like to play this for fun, and to practice my storytelling. Not that I’ll ever use it outside of being a game designer, but it’s still a useful skill to have. Anywho, moving on:

  1. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DEAD-IS-DEAD PLAYTHROUGH. All “death” means in this game for me, the player, is that I have transferred my AI Core before my ship is destroyed, salvage insurance is actually salvage insurance and I get my ship back in the last “save point,” and then implant my AI Core into that ship until I am back in friendly space to get my physical platform remade.
  2. The mod I’ll be using is XRM for Albion Prelude, with a custom start creator script. Other addons include Yaki+Pirate Ranks, MARS, FDNL, the Bonus Pack, Marine Repairs, All Pre-3.0 Plots Complete (AP main, Hub, and PHQ), and Sector Takeover. The conditions will be named in the following lines.
  3. I am found by the Yaki, assimilating their “culture” and language. Pretty much I “grew up” with the Yakuza and learned moonspeak. IT CAN’T BE ANIME WITHOUT THIS. This also means +10 to the Yaki, and -5 against Pirates since they are rivals.
  4. Argon and Terran hate my guts, of course. -5.
  5. Boron have been known to find ways to make Xenon sentient, rather than collective. +1 at least.
  6. Everyone else is -2. Just a little bit of skepticism since I will be in my physical platform all the time, which I’ll show you in a few.
  7. Xenon and Yaki ships only. This in itself presents a really big challenge. I hate Paranid weapons in XRM. Also I’ll start with 100K. It’s really not that much considering a nice, profitable complex is going to run me at least 15M (1MJ Shield Complex).
  8. I can only take over Xenon and Unknown sectors initially. Also, taking over a Xenon sector, whether it’s a relay, sector, or the core, has a big effect on the storyline (mainly on the main character).

Now, I present to you that physical platform:


Yeah that’s right. It’s Horizon/P-01 from “Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.” Mind you, I haven’t actually seen this show, but… uhhh… I learned of the show browsing R-18 doujins :V.




And yes, my character will actually be named Phtonos-01 in-game, but I’ll refer to her character as Horizon. Also because I’m damn stubborn, I have two naming conventions ready for my ships: Love Live characters, and seiyuus + their roles. The latter usually happens when I field a M1 or M7C, which is probably not going to happen soon.

Anywho, that’s the intro. Not sure when I’ll start because I’m still pretty into my personal playthrough, but definitely when I start, I’ll have a post per day.

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