More New Vegas, More Loli Androids! [Part 2]

Sadly, no Willow or Haruka this time!

Sadly, no Willow or Haruka this time!

So in Part 2, we’ll be discussing the major gameplay mods and the settings they’ll be on. There are a ton of mods I’ll be using, but here’s a list of the smaller and non-gameplay mods first.

  • CASM (a better save manager)
  • MCM
  • Weapon Mod Menu
  • Unified HUD Project
  • Readius w/ Asuka Background
  • AsukaHUD and AsukaStats
  • Asuka Armor MkIV Freebie
  • Weapon Animation Replacers
  • Improved Automatic Fire Animations
  • Anime Voice Studio: Yuu Asakawa as Tsugumi Komachi UI Voiceover
  • Brighter Pipboy Light
  • Darnified UI
  • Delay DLC
  • Flashlight Mod
  • OneHUD
  • Nevada Skies (I like RWL but I think I’d like some wasteland weather once in a while)
  • Alternative Repairing

And now for the big mods. If you’ve seen my old post (particularly this one) there really hasn’t been any big changes to them. However, the settings did change.


Project Nevada

Ah yes, Project Nevada. This is the core rebalance of my game. As of right now, the preset is on Hard Hardcore with a few changes that make a bit more sense, including fall damage distance. I don’t want Skyrim BS in my New Vegas. I’m already putting up with crash city.

  • Fall Damage Distance set to 400, Project Nevada’s default, instead of that measly 200. I still need to be careful where I drop off from, but not taking damage from stupidly short falls.
  • Perks Per Level set to 1. Because of More Perks, I’d like to have a bit more fun trying them out and using them ingame. The incredibly hard progression past LV20 (30% XP rates!) will offset the amount of perks I’m getting.
  • Timescale set to 10. Because I am not fast traveling, it’s incredibly noticeable how fast the day passes at timescale 20.
  • Sneak Messages on Discreet. Default reveals too much information, while off reveals none. This is good middle ground.
New Vegas Enhanced Content

New Vegas Enhanced Content

w/ Nordic Firearms

w/ Nordic Firearms

If I recall correctly, there is a really good-looking shotgun in Nordic Firearms that I’d like to use as my signature weapon. It’s got a dark blue texture on it, so it should clash too much with my armors, plus it does look futuristic. NVEC allows me to put Honest Hearts items into leveled loot lists, so that’s good. I’m still wondering if it does the same for the other DLCs, but meh. With both these installed, using AEVegas and that ridiculous tank cannon is no longer an option, plus it just feels stupid to carry 100 units for the weapon + 6 units for each shell. PN already reduces my carry weight.

I’m still going to do New Vegas Bounties I and II, because even if it will give terrible rewards in terms of caps, that’s already covered through the starting 200K. Also, New Vegas Bounties II is a nice recurring sidequest for caps and kills. Always nice.



We had the core gameplay rebalance mod from Project Nevada. Now we have the core gameplay mission and race mod. Can’t be a loli android without this! Playing through DollHouse is definitely a big priority, considering there are a few good armors in there. I’ve actually grown to like the Asuka MkIII and Zeta armors, but I might just stick to the Medic Armor as Signature, plus it’s the earliest one I can get that isn’t the Swimsuit outfit. However, no Haruka this time. I really wish the author still updated this, but since Fallout 4 isn’t coming out in 2014, I might personally edit this myself, learn a little bit of GECK on the way. There are a few stupid things in here like the giant septic pipe in the pool area, and also a lot of the text ingame are poorly translated. Not the author’s fault, though, considering he’s actually Japanese. I guess I really would like to just localize it properly.

A World of Pain

A World of Pain

While DollHouse is the early-game dungeon, A World of Pain is something that goes on from early-game to end-game. It provides 100+ areas to explore, and since everything scales to your current level, it’s a constant challenge. It also allows me to buy a few good guns to carry me all the way to the Gun Runners store. I did install a Rebalance and Cleanup addon that tones down the “M” weapons a bit. Should be a nice addition.

Courier's Weapons

Courier’s Weapons

A new addition to my mod list, the weapon set provides an amazing selection that can carry you to mid-game right before the regular .50MG and 45-70 spawns. The Johnson M1941 Rifle is an amazing piece of gear, and with JIF Selective Fire’s “Rest Ye Finger” option, it fires super-quick. Even without it, it’s tough to oversample the gun, and performs admirably at a close range, though still not the best option considering it only has 10 rounds. The rest of the guns are average, even the Reforged .308 Rifle is weaker than a Hunting Rifle. However, while I say it’s a good early-game option, these guns still require a hefty Guns skill, so it’s not really carrying you.

That about does it for the mod showcase. I’m going to run the game few times before starting the write-up, but definitely it’ll happen. It shouldn’t take more than a day to do so, and I can start making the intro in a couple of days.

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