More New Vegas, More Loli Androids! [Part 1]

We’ve all had our Follower Trains before~

A lengthy discussion with cousins last Thanksgiving about Skyrim and New Vegas has pretty much reignited my interest in playing both, though Path of Exile has pretty much taken up my time until recently. Sadly, Skyrim on Legendary is severely unbalanced when paired with rebalance mods like SkyRE and ACE. I’m getting two-shotted by most enemies. One would think this is just the NPC de-leveling happening, but when even those bastards in Bleak Falls Barrow are kicking my ass, it’s the difficulty level. I might give it another try on Expert or, Madoka forbid, Adept, but Legendary + rebalance = no go.

New Vegas, however, retains its challenge somewhat. There are a few issues with the beginning if you have A World of Pain installed (which I believe is the one giving Cobb’s gang Hunting Rifles and SMGs) but since I do start with the DLC weapons, it’s not too bad. That Mercenary’s Grenade Rifle helps a bunch.

I’m really just trying to have fun with NV. Like many games I overanalyze and overplan for, I’ve got a roadmap for my character.

  • advlevel to LV20, this is where your character’s stride picks up. The advlevel command only gives your character levels, not experience points, so that means I will still have to work up to LV20 XP and advance further.
  • 200k caps, just enough to buy the AEVegas weapons to be stashed away.
  • 1 perk per level
  • Hard Hardcore preset on PN Rebalance, with fall damage distance set back to 400, else I’ll get Skyrim fall damage BS.
  • NO FAST TRAVEL. This is big, but I am adding two alternate fast travel options: Speed-E Wheels and Mobile Truck Base. I’m hoping these two won’t conflict, but if they do, MTB will stay. I’m still looking for a fast travel method that allows you to go to every outside location. Also, I noticed that most of my crashes happen during loading screens. The less loading screens, the less crashing, I say.
  • Signature Armor is still Medic, and to get this as early as possible, I will make DollHouse clearing a priority.
  • Headgear Required for DT is off in PN Rebalance, because I won’t ever use a helmet. at least until full Medic Gear, which I’ll turn it back on then.
  • Frankie’s initial quests from AWOP are next.
  • Sidequests galore. My stopping point for the main quest will be right after meeting Mr. House. Should be a nice point to stop. I’ve got a printout of every single sidequest, because there’s a LOT of these I’ve never done before and I think I haven’t tasted the entirety of New Vegas if I don’t do these.
  • A few quest mods, including New Vegas Bounties I and II. I’m gonna have to check for more.

I do have an idea of the mods I’ll be using. I totally forgot about NVEC, but mainly because I followed GophersVids’ setup. I have no idea why my CASM doesn’t want to show up on MCM but I need it to so I can tell it to save more often on more slots.

Even after all this time, I’m torn on what Signature Weapon to use. The guns are so much fun to use, but they require more accuracy IMO. Some stupid idea actually popped up where I use the Mieze (the tank cannon from AEVegas) to snipe since it has a scope, while my Sig is the Nasty Grandpa, and I can call myself an android version of a M1A1 Abrams.

Stand aside, M1 Abrams. I've got a P-02 Futayo Tank Buster!

Stand aside, M1 Abrams. I’ve got a P-02 Futayo Tank Buster!

I liked the Selenaire. By default, it’s a scopeless .50MG boltie, and that’s what I loved about it. However, it wasn’t going to be my Sig Weapon. There was this Mp44-looking gun that I really liked, but it was lacking in the damage department, plus it didn’t look too good on my character even when wearing the Medic or School Uniform outfits. I’ll have to recheck all the Nordic Firearms selection, because a few of them were actually decent weapons that were given subpar ammo types. Seriously, who would take 10mm weapons into the endgame? You’re either using 5mm (which back in NVEC something was preventing it to naturally have -5DT, which PISSED me off), 50MG, or 45-70Gov’t. The only midgame option that will work is the .308 AP or JSP and the .45 Auto. Then again, I remember there being a 10mm JSP mod out there that should make 10mm weapons more attractive options.

Another idea was a pure Assault Shotgun build (AA-12 from WMX Modern Weapons). It was an incredibly powerful weapon, even without the 12 Gauge Choke installed, plus the amount of ammo types it can use meant it was the most versatile weapon in the game. The problem is it looked terrible when slung behind my character. I’m hoping that the FRAG-12 ammo is compatible with every 12g weapon, including mods, so I can grab a nice looking 12g shotgun. Contemplating on either the Pancor Jackhammer or the FN TPS. If I get the TPS, I’m definitely dowloading the FR-F2 Sniper as well. It reminds me of my days playing Alliance of Valiant Arms.

Whew, that’s about it for this post. There are a lot of things on my mind lately, and I’ve just been spitting it out to myself  like I was doing a commentary. I really should start turning those thoughts into posts! On the next part: the mod list!

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