Fallout New Vegas – THE BUILDS!

Meido Squad

Sorry, folks. The Tactical Meido Squad has been disbanded.

I currently have a couple of builds I want to try out. I know they’ll be effective at some capacity, but I’m curious as to how they’ll pan out. I’m planning on three builds right now: A light-armor Sneak character with light weapons (Sneak is still OP but Project Nevada sneak profile is harder), a medium-armor Assault character with shotguns (Assault Shotgun is king), and a heavy-armor Assault character with SMMG or Minigun (I need to find a weeaboo Heavy armor mod).

Build 1 – Light Weapons Build, HM-A08 Type Mifuyu

  • LV2 – Light Touch (45 Repair)
  • LV4 – Educated: I hate skillbook hunting
  • LV6 – Toughness Rank 1
  • LV8 – Bloody Mess
  • LV10 – Finesse
  • LV12 – Silent Running
  • LV14 – Hand Loader (70 Repair)
  • LV16 – Better Criticals
  • LV18 – Sniper
  • LV20 – Them’s Good Eatin’ (55 Survival)
  • LV22 – Jury Rigging (90 Repair)
  • LV24 – Super Slam (45 Melee)
  • LV26 – Chemist (60 Medicine)
  • LV28 – Nerves of Steel
  • LV30 – Implant GRX Rank 1
  • LV32 – Implant GRX Rank 2
  • LV34 – Pack Rat
  • LV36 – Grim Reaper’s Sprint
  • LV38 – Piercing Strike
  • LV40 – Slayer
  • LV42 – Math Wrath
  • LV44 – Toughness Rank 2
  • LV46 – Stonewall
  • LV48 – Explorer

This build focuses on Stealth, but I’ll rarely be using my Bullpup Sniper Rifle. My Signature Weapon is the 9mm Machine Pistol, which doubles as an improved holdout weapon. The Asuka Medic Armor will be my Signature Armor.

Build 2 – The Shotgun Surgeon, HM-A07 Type Miaki

  • LV2 – Intense Training, Luck
  • LV4 – Educated
  • LV6 – Shotgun Surgeon
  • LV8 – Toughness Rank 1
  • LV10 – Finesse
  • LV12 – And Stay Back
  • LV14 – Jury Rigging
  • LV16 – Better Criticals
  • LV18 – Hand Loader
  • LV20 – Them’s Good Eatin’
  • LV22 – Demolition Expert
  • LV24 – Bloody Mess
  • LV26 – Chemist
  • LV28 – Toughness Rank 2
  • LV30 – Implant GRX Rank 1
  • LV32 – Implant GRX Rank 2
  • LV34 – Pack Rat
  • LV36 – Nerves of Steel
  • LV38 – Piercing Strike
  • LV40 – Grim Reaper’s Sprint
  • LV42 – Super Slam
  • LV44 – Slayer
  • LV46 – Stonewall
  • LV48 – Sniper

This build focuses on one gun and one gun only: The AA-12 Assault Shotgun. A drum mag with 20 shells ready to lock and load. The only utility we’ll see here is the ammo type. Because Shotgun Surgeon already gives -10 DT, plus -15 DT from Signing it, 12 Gauge Flechette shells may be overkill. In case of Power Armor, 12 Gauge Pulse Slugs would do the trick. However, the biggest draw of this is FRAG-12 rounds. Yeah you heard it right. FRAG-12 comes in two flavors: High-Explosive Fragmenting, and High-Explosive Armor Piercing. Granted, I’ve never tried shooting HEFA rounds at my feet, but HEAP rounds do self-splash damage, which makes it a terrible thing indoors. For that, though, either 12 Gauge Buckshot or 12 Gauge 3/0 Buck would do the trick. My armor will be the Asuka MKIV Armor, the free one in Goodsprings. It’s Medium Armor with an okay amount of DT and DR.

As for Build 3, well, it’s unplanned TBH. I want it to use Heavy Armor with the now-defunct Big Guns. I’m thinking SMMG since it has a much higher per-shot damage, and Bottomless allows for saving some 10mm JSP rounds. I gotta find a nice heavy armor to wear, though.


ADDENDUM: Holy bools, I feel incredibly OP with Select Fire and the Glock 18. I’ll have to tone down the bonuses for Single Fire and Burst, but I have been sniping people from ridiculous ranges with it. I may also end up tweaking Project Nevada to FO3 Wasteland Edition settings, though I would assume this would only lessen conveniences, seeing Sneak Sniping is way too OP to be nerfed by it.

4 thoughts on “Fallout New Vegas – THE BUILDS!

  1. shotgun build
    s -6
    p -6 + beret =7
    e -6
    c -9
    I -9
    a -8
    l -1

    2 action boy
    4 actiongirl x2
    6 adamantium skeleton
    8 and stay back
    10 animal friend x2
    12 better criticals
    14 black widow
    16 bloody mess
    bug stomper perk challenge
    charisma implant (medical place)
    18 chem resistant
    20 chemist
    22 cherchez la femme
    24 commando
    26 computer whiz
    28 cowboy
    30 educated (take on lower level)
    endurance implant (medical place)
    enhanced sensors (ED-E companion)
    32 explorer
    34 finesse
    trait – good natured
    36 grim reapers sprint
    38 hand loader
    40 here and now
    42 hunter
    intelligence implant (medical place)
    44 intense training
    junk rounds
    46 jury rigging
    48 life giver
    50 long haul
    other perks I got from a glitch to get double the perks
    here is the list I got from the glitch
    challenge perk (lord death)
    math wrath
    mister sandman
    nerves of steel
    nuka chemist
    perception implant (medical place)
    quick draw
    rad resistance
    ranger takedown from ranger andy in novac
    rapid reload
    robotics expert
    shotgun surgeon
    spotter from companion (boone)
    strong back
    sub dermal armour (medical place)
    tag for a 4th skill
    terrifying presence
    thought you died took that at level 50
    toughness x2
    tunnel runner
    weapon handling
    trait trigger discipline

    cause of that level up glitch I did to get double the perks im just as perfect as a sniper with a shotgun can kill anything 1 hit with the single shotgun and obviously other shotgun weapons lying around the wasteland like the dinnerbell really good shotgun if I had to choose which was my favourite from the hunting shotgun (dinnerbell unique version) compare to the riot shotgun i’d go with the hunting shotgun or the unique version dinnerbell im so accurate with every gun in the game no sway without taking drugs or using vats im so overpowered and accurate try and do this build that I did if you want a really overpowering character build and check out youtube and type in (28 perks glitch) well now you can get to level 50 just get even more perks 🙂 hope this helped you out more than your build because this build I made I made it from my own mind and chosen the right perks and weapons and armour based on my what I wanted to be so please take consideration and try this you will not regret it 🙂

    • There’s really no point in “exploiting” a glitch, considering I can grab a mod that gives me a perk per level, or just use console commands to give me perks.

      • yeah but why would you use mods/hacks just means you don’t know how to play the game cause you need mods/hacks and the glitch in the game isn’t really cheating due to it’s in the game even though Bethesda supports modding and hacks i do aswell but if there are glitches like that in the game then there is no point in actually downloading mods which sometimes can take 30 mins depends how bad your connection is which mines only takes 5 minutes due to high powered computer customized myself and to be honest why would you even grab a mod that gives you 1 thing a perk every level when there are mods out there that have a whole lot of things combined into 1 file? anyhoo im not wasting more of my time on this

      • “takes 30 minutes”

        You must have never installed a mod in your entire life.

        1 minute to download a 5MB file, 1 minute to launch Nexus Mod Manager and turn on Archive Invalidation, and 10 seconds to import the file, and another 10 seconds to turn it on.

        And I like how you’re instantly calling a mod a “hack.” Pretty sure the glitch offers the same thing: doing something the developers did NOT intend the player to do. It is irrelevant whether or not it’s in the game or not. It is still a bug/glitch, and exploiting it is also considered cheating. But I digress. This is a singleplayer game. Do whatever you want.

        And I also like how you’re contradicting yourself by refusing to get a simple mod to do this, but a full-blown gameplay conversion mod like Project Nevada or Arwen’s Realism is fine?

        Logic is infallible. Go back to consoles kthx.

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