Fallout: New Vegas – Androids Take Over the Mojave!

The HM-A series take over New Vegas!

The HM-A series take over New Vegas!

No, not the mobile Android. I’m talking about those robots that simulate humans.

Anyways, I’ve been playing tons of Fallout New Vegas lately, though as much as I would love love love to stream it, it’s incredibly unstable with mods even with New Vegas Stutter Remover and the 4GB Large Address Aware patcher.

Either way, I could just as easily take some screenshots, or even do some “After Action Reports,” but with the amount of playtime I allocate every day, it’ll be hard.

I could at least tell you how I’m playing it. First off, the game itself. I’ve got a myriad of mods installed right now, but the biggest draw of this pack is to make gameplay HARDER, and of course, create a robo-loli.


New Vegas Enhanced Edition + NVCE: This is a great mod. It’s a giant collection of fixes (thanks to having Mission Mojave in it), plus it adds some nice additions while keeping the core gameplay itself closer to Vanilla. It’s not bad, but my goal is to increase the challenge. Very Hard Hardcore is incredibly easy. Also, the biggest feature added to this pack is Signature Weapons and Armor. This allows me to bring a single Tier 1 weapon and/or aesthetic clothing (over ugly, high DT armors), gain stats on it, and make it last the entire game. That makes for cheap ammo and cheap repairs, plus my Signature Weapon is a holdout weapon, making kill quests inside casinos and other weapon-restricted areas (sans Silver Rush) easier. Plus I don’t have to rely on big ammo types like 5.56 AP (-15 DT, x0.95 DMG) or .308 JSP (x1.3 DMG) since the Level 3 Penetrating stat gives the weapon a natural -15 DT.


Project Nevada

Project Nevada: Here’s the big one. This is the rebalance. This adds a ton more difficulty options and various changes like cybernetic implants actually taking up room in your body as opposed to just being solely based on your Endurance stat. You’re limited to two implants until you’ve taken implant perks. Of course, I installed an add-on that allows you to get those perks through challenges, rather than level perks. To be honest, I probably don’t even need that, as I could give up one or two level perks to get the extra head and body implants, where the big ones sit (STR PER END INT AGI LUK, and Stealth).


Weapon Mods Expanded

Weapon Mods Expanded

Weapon Mods Expanded WMX: I’ll be honest, this is only here because of the Modern Weapons add-on, which in turn gives me the only two weapons I’ll ever use on one specific character — the 9mm Machine Pistol (Glock 18c Tan) and the Bullpup Sniper Rifle (WA2000). Of course, on other characters (like a planned SMMG/Minigun Doll) this is indispensable.

New Vegas Bounties I and II (included in NVEC): This is a really nice mod for those who are in dire need of caps. The ease at which you can finish these quests for a ton of caps (average 1500 caps a quest) makes for a nice source of income outside of a high Barter skill and scavenging. I mean, yeah, the 10 snowglobes give you 20k caps already, but if you’re like me and don’t scavenge to try to keep weight to a minimum (due to Project Nevada changes), this is a great way to earn extra caps and XP.


A World of Pain

A World of Pain

A World of Pain: This is more of a mid-end game venture after I finish the DLCs, but before I finish the main quest line (I stop right after I first enter the Lucky 38). It adds more locations to dungeon-crawl in, plus a few extra NPCs in the “overworld.”




Dollhouse: This is where it gets incredibly funky. First off, this is pretty much the core of this modpack (so to speak). It adds a new race called “Doll,” which is pretty much a loli android. Of course, the regular adult size isn’t fitting for them, so I do have to set my playerscale to 0.8 to compensate. It also adds a new dungeon maze (with Virus-Infected Dolls wielding anything from .44 Magnums to Anti-Materiel Rifles to Missile Launchers), as well as a few weapons and armors designed for Dolls. Personally, I love the Asuka Medic Armor (this is my Signature Armor), as I’m not a big fan of the bare legs on the MKIII and Zeta armors. The MKIV Armor readily available from Doll 11 is “imitation,” but I do have a separate MKIV Armor mod installed which gives high stats (though I never wear this). The weapons are flat out terrible. Don’t use them. Also, I did grab an add-on that adds a new companion called Haruka. I’m incredibly happy about that because that means I can either say it’s Saigusa Haruka (I NEED TO RENAME HER TO HARUCCHIN) or say it’s Amami Haruka (AND RENAME HER HARUKASAN).


Nordic Firearms

Nordic Firearms

Nordic Firearms (NVEC): I don’t know why I mention these since they are terrible weapons with incredibly high Guns skill requirements, but the saving grace is in the Selenaire. It’s pretty much the Anti-Materiel Rifle, but it shoots faster, reloads faster, and has a removable scope. Granted, it doesn’t have the +condition of the AMR, but the option to take off the scope is great for those who want to pack an AMR indoors without the excessive zoom levels.


Hedszots' Weapon Pack

Hedszots’ Weapon Pack

Hedszots’ Weapon Pack: This is one of the better Energy Weapon mods (they are forgotten often) and is based around the Mass Effect universe. They look and feel like the ME weapons, use Thermal Clips, and some of them have the same sounds. The Mantis has the ME1 sniper sounds, the Crusader has the ME3 Phalanx sounds, and the Lance has the ME2 Particle Beam sounds (and operates like the Particle Beam). The downside to this mod is its effectiveness. In Mass Effect, most of your small-arms are hitscan (save a few like the Falcon, Geth Plasma, Graal, etc.) Here, they all have travel time. Sniping is fun with that travel time, but with the other guns, it’s incredibly frustrating. The only good automatic weapon is the Lance, and that eats up tons of ECPs even with Heat Sink and Bottomless stat from Signing it. Also, the damage on Rank I is abyssmal, but luckily, the only big requirement is 75 Repair and a Workbench, with tons of Lead. Getting lead is easy enough.

Various Weeaboo Shit: Anime playing cards, Anime billboards, Asuka HUD, Asuka Fortune Loading Screen, Yuu Asakawa as my seiyuu, etc.

I’m still trying to figure out if I want to install TINA Tactical Interchangeable Nimonic (Mnemonic?) Armament, which adds two incredibly moddable .44 Magnum weapons, but my concern is the modularity is its downfall because of Signature Weapons, plus my Glock 18 would deal more DPS in the long run, even against a fully Signed Megalodon.

This has actually been a fairly lengthy post (in my eyes), but I’ll fill it more with images and all that good stuff. I may end up randomly screenshotting things to be posted on Twitter, but I’ll image-dump them once in a while (if I stop restarting characters :V ).




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