Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Reveal Analysis

People must have jumped on this bandwagon the minute the CALLOFDUTY YouTube channel posted it. I certainly didn’t, because I really wanted to rewatch the damn thing many, many times to absorb as much info as possible. I won’t be doing a frame-by-frame, but rather scene-by-scene. Also, I’ll be ignoring most killstreak icons because they could mean so many things right now.


Looking at the left side, we see the loadouts. Why are there 3 slots on the primary and 2 on the secondary? Can we expect more attachment slots? Are there proficiencies? There’s also a single slot next to the perk list. We could probably end up getting access to up to 6 perks per loadout. We also see the fire mode clearly shown next to the weapon name, M8A1. He’s got a semtex and 2 shock charges, which in the video, shows a smaller radius of effect similar to how much space a flare used in World at War. To a lesser extent, are those boxes on the very bottom placeholders, or do they mean something?


PDW-57 MMS. Not sure what MMS stands for, but we know that it’s this particular scope which allows you to see through walls. From the looks of it, it’s a sweep, and only works for a short time, and at a limited arc at that. Plus you do have to be scoped in to benefit. Killstreaks-wise, there seems to be some sort of airstrike, attack chopper, and satellite scanning. Shortly after this, the player does dolphin dive, meaning this is back.


The LSAT. This was a fun weapon to use in GRFS. Now it’s in Black Ops 2. The Hybrid Optic looks more like the HAMR Scope in MW3 as opposed to the Hybrid Sights. It also instantaneously switches which is a good thing. He’s also got the Guardian deployed, which is based off the real world “Active Denial System” which uses high-frequency waves similar to microwaves. If you have played Ghost Recon Online, it’s basically the Assault-class’ HEAT. Also note the serial number “V4SQ33Z,” which is an obvious reference to Call of Duty 4’s Lieutenant Vasquez.


The question of whether or not the bottom three squares were relevant has been answered: IT IS. Also, it looks like this loadout uses two Tier 2 perks with no Tier 3 perk. CINCOM CQB CUSTOMIZED is a burst-fire weapon with a grip and RDS. He’s also equipped with the anti-air lock-on launcher, the FHJ-18 AA. Later in the clip, he shoots down a Dragonfire quadrotor.


The AN-94 makes its debut in a Call of Duty game. I’ve always admired this piece of work. It was my favorite gun in SOCOM 3, where it shot the first two rounds with a much higher RPM. This scope highlights enemies like air support would. Also, Riot Shields can now be deployed, which makes using it a bit more viable.


The AGR is the new assault drone, though I’m curious to see how far it is in the point streaks. Also, as seen here, Flak Jacket is back and now has an indicator similar to hitting someone with Blast Shield.


We see here the minimum firepower, max perks loadout. He’s only got a Raging Judge revolver, but he has two of each Tier of perks, plus all three of the bottom boxes are being used. He also switches to a Combat Knife shortly after running out of ammo. The player who kills him uses a tomahawk, so yippee!


I skipped the scoped DSR-50 because, let’s be honest, most people are interested in this: The Ballista. It’s a throwback to ye olde COD1/COD2 bolt-action gameplay. It personally reminds me of the good times playing Rifles-Only CTF.


I would imagine that this is the tactical insertion. More importantly, we have a new style of shotgun. The M1216 fires in bursts of 2, and recocking the weapon every 4 shots (2 bursts). I would assume that 16-shell capacity is from Extended Magazines. Also, C4 is back as always. It’ll probably be called RDX or something. LASTLY:



Kamikaze drones. ‘Nuff said.

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