The NEET Life: Plans For Half-a-Year!

Yeah, I don’t think a lot of people realize that I’m ALMOST a NEET. ALMOST. Technically, I am currently looking for a job, so that doesn’t make me one. However, the lifestyle I am in right now is basically NEET-ish. The only thing I can keep doing right now is make the most out of my day, possibly NOT sleeping in till 11AM, basically sleeping for almost 12 hours daily.

The first, of course, is physical health. This is what I really need to work on. I haven’t done an actual workout that I could record on Fitocracy, and my god I’m ignoring the #1 reason why I signed up on it. I like the feeling of “progression,” that’s probably why I kept hitting that prestige button on COD too many times. However, unlike COD, working out will actually make me feel better in the long run. I definitely need to set aside time to do this. Because my cardio is so terrible right now that jogging is probably not the best of things to do (I set 12-minute miles because I have to jog/power walk at least half of it). Right now I think indoor stuff like jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups, crunches, planks, etc., make for great exercises to include in some sort of circuit training. Of course, I’m going for longevity of workouts here, not intensity. I could probably benefit more from playing Rock Band drums on Expert for an hour straight than all-out maxing push-ups or up-downs.

I have no excuses. I fully admit that I am a lazy slob who needs to get his act together.

The second goal is to IMPROVE MY PORTFOLIO. This is unfortunately one of the more important life stuff I need to work on, yet I have done ZERO in the past 7 months I had. This is really bad considering this is a career option for me, the other being Computer Science, but I’m not letting my folks pay for my college anymore. I’ve had the Autodesk Entertainment Suite installed since my last reinstall about a month or two ago, and they have not been opened a second time (first time was to verify license files and what not). I really need to get on with this. It’s hard to get started, that’s the problem. I could make random shit here and there, but what does that help me do? I should at least set up a project of some sort, like a composite image with 3D assets. That should help with a lot of skills I need to develop to be successful in the industry. I could also start a project on RPG Maker, but this takes up a lot of time, and requires resources from art to music to programming and of course, storywriting. I’m definitely no-go when it comes to ideas, especially when I read my old plot synopses from my previous design docs, uuuuugh, it makes me cringe.

The next is one of my side goals: GET BETTER AT FGs. I’m currently devoting at least 4 hours a day, half is execution, and the other is for practical. The only practical experience I can get (or want to get) right now is through KOF XIII arcade mode set to Very Hard, or KOF 2002 arcade mode on GGPO. However, I am planning on making sure I get practice with another player, and I’ll try to announce it on Twitter.

The last is the other side goal: GET BETTER AT MW3. You’re probably wondering “WHAT THE FUCK MW3” well check this out. I recently went back to playing with Risen Gaming after I’ve told them I was tired of the MW3 BS. A lot of things have been fixed in the last 5 months, so I am giving it another shot. Turns out we are needing players, and I’ve been defaulted into a starter position. I play Assault basically all the time, which is terrible on MW3 because the maps are dominated by SMGs, namely the MP7 (outgunning the ACR in a lot of situations), and the PP90M1 (which outguns any other AR in short range, but that’s it). The MP7 is banned in every single PC league that has any relevance, so that’s good. The PP90M1’s effectiveness is sort of mitigated by range, but when you have people you can snapshot you from crossmap with an ACR, it’s still very, very scary.

So far, what I’ve done is 3 options for Assault Rifles: G36c, ACR, and FAD. Believe it or not, a lot of people especially in ESL have a lot of beef with the FAD. It’s almost like the MP7 except less forgiving on misses, and just a tad harder to shoot. Then, the other two slots are for practice rifles, which are currently filled in by the AK47 and MK14. Sadly, the AK47 isn’t what it used to be after suffering some nerfing in MW2. Black Ops still has it as a very dominant weapon, but is actually balanced enough to allow the Galil, FAL, and Commando to be used equally, and trust me there are A LOT of good FAL players out there.

Basically, the way I’ll set up my Match Mode classes will ruleset-compliant. Simple. However, the problem lies in the pub games. The most straightforward solution is just NOT LEARN TACTICS. It’s better to improve gun handling, precision, and reaction times. Because we are also in a Hardcore S&D League/Ladder, I could have some leeway on this. We are only allowed optics, suppressors, and e-mags as attachments, with Attachments or Stability proficiency. Still, it’s better than relying on Kick to do everything for you. Besides, I’ve ran G36c w/ RDS and Suppressor and my god, my score was better than expected.

RDS Delta + Suppressor on G36c. Not the best scores, but this is the first time I’ve used this combo, and I have never gotten anything higher than LV15 on this gun before.

Well that’s about what my next half-year will be, but only if I don’t get a job. If I do, this’ll be heavily modified, but only on time constraints rather than slashing one of these goals out of the list. Maybe something will only be done every other day, or times are shortened.

3 thoughts on “The NEET Life: Plans For Half-a-Year!

    • On the job side of things, none. I’ve been looking for work around our area, as well as submitting my incredibly tiny resume to most job agencies. No luck.

      On the eSports side of things, I’m really sick of COD’s status right now. QoL is terrible for league/ladder play.

      On the fitness life, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I did like… a week of exercise and then poof gg no re I have not done anything too intense after that.

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