Let’s Overanalyze: Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3. The very words themselves should be as blasphemous as the words “Nii” and “Shruberries.” Still, I find SOME fun in this mindless shooter. I don’t go for big killstreaks by camping it out. No, no, no. I like being on the move. I like being in the thick of things. With that said, I like multi-kills, quad-sprays, and the like.

No matter how mindless this is, I still find something to overanalyze and overdo in this game: LOADOUTS. Out of the 200+ hours I spent on this game, at least 50 of it were me sitting on the Create-A-Class screen messing with things. Having the game at a year old means I can’t really give any tips anymore, but I could at least share my mindset when it comes to making custom classes.

  • Equipment selection priorities: Trophy System > EMP Grenade > Concussion Grenade
  • Perk selection is more convulted:
    • SMGs and Shotguns will have Extreme Conditioning, Assassin, and Steady Aim.
    • Assault Rifles will have Recon, Assassin, and Stalker.
    • Light Machine Guns will have Blind Eye, Quickdraw, and Stalker.
    • Sniper Rifles will have Sleight of Hand, Quickdraw, and Marksman
  • Specialist Killstreaks only. I like to gauge my own skills using only guns, not how much killstreaks I can stack.
    • SMGs and Shotguns will have Sleight of Hand, Sitrep, and Blast Shield.
    • Assault Rifles will have Sleight of Hand, Quickdraw, and Sitrep.
    • Light Machine Guns will have Sleight of Hand, Assassin, and Sitrep.
    • Sniper Rifles will have Assassin, Blind Eye, and Sitrep.
  • Deathstreak selection priorities: Hollow Points > Revenge > Juiced
  • Weapon selection is done by theme.
    • An example from MW2: Angel Beats. Intervention, Riot Shield, M4 Carbine, etc.
    • MW3 theme is gathered from Pixiv images.


African Militia

  • PKP Pecheneg, Kick, Suppressor
  • MP412 Tactical Knife


  • G36c, Attachments, Suppressor, Red Dot Sight
  • USP Tactical Knife

COM’ON Buddy

  • L118A, Stability, Variable Scope
  • P99 Suppressed


  • MP5, Range, Red Dot Sight
  • .44 Magnum Tactical Knife

Inner Circle

  • P90, Attachments, HAMR Scope, Suppressor
  • Five-Seven Tactical Knife


  • UMP, Kick, HAMR Scope
  • P99 Akimbo

Return to Duty

  • CM901, Kick, Holographic Sight (She’s using a SCAR-H, which is not in the game, and this is the only other 7.62×39 gun other than the AK47)
  • USP Tactical Knife (Because come on, IT’S SAKUYA. NO KNIVES = NO SAKUYA)


  • M4 Carbine, Kick, Hybrid Sight
  • USP Tactical Knife


  • AK47, Kick, Extended Magazines
  • MP412 Rex Tactical Knife

Juu Shoujo

  • SCAR-L, Attachements, Holographic Sight, Extended Magazines
  • Stinger (I do need an anti-air class)

Is this too much? I don’t think so at all. This is just a form of fun for me, making loadouts from gun art. Plus, these images are damn amazing to pass up.

If you are interested in the art, here are the Pixiv artist profiles:

http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3901537 – For the Juu Shoujo (銃少女) piece.

http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1336451 – For everything else

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