Let’s Overanalyze: Valkyria Chronicles 2

So I’ve decided that Valkyria Chronicles 2 will be something I’ll be streaming until the end of the game, and maybe some post-game content, but this post is just something of an explanation of things to come.

You’re probably wondering what the hell there is to explain, and well, there’s really one thing: Time and the amount I use in preparation for missions. Just like a real military operation, these missions require a level of planning and logistical preparation. Of course, this is why the post is titled so, because I like to do that. I like to learn games more in-depth than the average player, yet it all comes down to practicality and applied principles rather than theories and such.

That, of course, is why I think I am posting this. Anyways, let’s get to it!


  • Level up those classes, and check the required credits for a class promotion. Currently, my goal is to get my main squad to their respective classes. These are Avan, Selvaria, Marina, Edy, and Alter Aliasse. The 6th is usually Lavinia driving Chihya.
  • Go to R&D with this priority: Helpful Tank Part, Upgrade Armor, Upgrade Weapons, Upgrade Sub-Weapons, Sidetrack Weapons.
  • Grind extra Ducats and credits off-stream to ensure smoother gameplay.


  • Chihya will always need to be accompanied by Alter Aliasse. She can use the tank for mobile cover, plus she will be the flag capper.
  • Until Selvaria acquires Heavy Scout, Avan will lead charges as Armor Tech>Fencer. Innate tankiness and potential one-hit kills to units are a good way to max out morale earlier.
  • Lancers will not be deployed until required.
  • Marina and Edy can both be deployed as defense, but only Marina should move out to be an offensive squad marksman.

I’ve actually made a list of the 18 members for “TeamDFC” and their corresponding Tier 3 classes.

  • Avan – Scout Elite / Fencer Elite
  • Aliasse – AT Sniper
  • Zeri – Trooper Elite
  • Cosette – Anthem Elite
  • Welkin – Heavy Scout
  • Alicia – Heavy Scout
  • Selvaria – Heavy Scout
  • Marina – AT Sniper
  • Anisette – Commando
  • Rosie – Trooper Elite
  • Edy – Heavy Gunner
  • Largo – Lancer Elite
  • Maximilian – Mobile Mortarer
  • Faldio – Lancer Elite
  • Susie – Medic
  • Ali – Engineer Elite
  • Isara – Mauler
  • Juliana – Fencer Elite

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